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Master in Environmental Sciences


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Investigating and improving the interrelations among society, nature and technology

The south center region of Santa Catarina, as well as most coastal areas, faces enormous environmental challenges. The irresponsible use and appropriation of natural resources, lack of urban planning, global climate change and increasing frequency of extreme events are examples of environmental pressures that require innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the life quality of the population.

The Master in Science in Environmental Sciences is focused on the need to understand the processes of socio-environmental changes - past and present, as well as to plan new paths of development, integrating society, technologies and environment. It also aims to intervene regionally in a critical, reflexive and ethical way seeking for sustainability and clean technologies.

The course integrates the Post-Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences, which aims to generate and expand knowledge, stimulate scientific and technological creativity in the area of ​​Environmental Sciences. Drawing on a wide range of science-based disciplines and applications—from ecology to cleaner technologies, from waste management to global changes—the Master in Environmental Science provides a solid backoground in socio-environmental issues, while offering great flexibility and depth in the topics of your interest.

  • Modalitypresential
  • DurationMinimum duration of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months
  • Investment24x R$1887,31

Target audience/Alumni profile


Professionals from different fields with focusing on the Environmental Sciences.

Alumni profile

The Master in Environmental Sciences alumni profile must contemplate:

  • Interdisciplinary vision, solid technical skills, critical, integrative, reflexive and ethic formation;
  • Ability to identify and manage environmental problems with dynamic and creative actions, in search of sustainable solutions.



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Master Degree in Environmental Sciences has minimum duration of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months.

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