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Master Degree in Education

Campus Tubarão

Concentration area and Research lines

Let us know the concentration area and Research lines of Master Degree in Education at Unisul.

Concentration area


Studies and researches on educational processes and their bases in the perspective of comprehension of education phenomena in their different features.

Research lines

Education, History and Policy in Brazil and Latin America

Processes, reforms, projects and programs in different approaches, dimensions, levels and modalities of Brazilian and Latin American Education systems; organization of Education processes; professors training.

Cultural and History Relations in Education

History, anthropological and sociological bases of education processes in memory, context and social representations; ethnical groups and the education matter; studies on inclusion education and daily school. 

Education in Sciences

History, Philosophical, epistemological, axiological and psychological bases related to the teaching and learning processes in Basic and Higher Education (Initial and continuing teacher training) and technical-professional in formal, non-formal and informal contexts in Mathematics Education and Environmental Education.

Let us know the research current projects of the Master Education Course at Unisul. (Only in Portuguese).

Research projects