Opportunities for Academic Research | Unisul - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

Opportunities for Academic Research

Check the support opportunities, Exchange student program and scholarships regarding research and innovation which is available by Unisul to all the academic community.

Research Exchange Program

Unisul’s University Exchange Program and Management Cooperation (Assim) provides opportunities for Exchange student programs overseas through the Science without Borders program from CNPq, which offers research scholarships for the students Who join the program.

Learn more about the Research Exchange Student Program (portuguese website)

Support Opportunities

Unisul’s Technological Innovation and Scientific Development Entrepreneurship Agency (Agetec) often provides a list of the main sources and support opportunities available for research projects.

Find out about support opportunities for your project (portuguese website)

Research Scholarships

The research programs developed by Unisul aim at spreading and consolidating the Uniservisty’s research practice.

Learn more about the programs offering research scholarships (portuguese website)