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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency

Agetec´s Mission

Promote close relations ofUnisul with the productive segment and the government, creating scientific and technological knowledge among researchers, companies and public organizations, aiming at the improvement of teaching, research, extension, entrepreneurship and innovation quality.

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Unisul’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Agency turns research into a source of development.

Agetec’s goal is to approach development to newer Technologies in connection with the workforce, because they understand that new products will find financial opportunities and competitiveness.

Agetec supports by defining the research policies and guidelines as well as the innovation of Unisul strengthening knowledge areas through the development and management of research projects, services and technological extension. Besides that, Agetec controls the intellectual property and transfer of technology by providing support for the academic researcher and articulating the University with both the productive sector and the government.

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Areas of operation

All Innovation and entrepreneurship related actions, developed and/or offered at Unisul are defined as Agetec’s area of operation such as:

  • Research and Development (RD);
  • Scientific and Technological Services;
  • Scientific, technological, extension services and entrepreneurial innovation ;
  • Entrepreneurship services, technology and social innovation.

Support Agencies

Unisul counts on no-refund and refund resources and also tax incentives:

  • The non-refunded resources will not need to be returned to the financing source. In that case, access to those resources is provided by public notices and advertising materials, where all the criteria for application such as Schedule, topic and financed items are already pre-established.
  • Refundable resources are similar to the traditional operations; but provided with higher taxes, financial fees, payment deadlines and period of grace and yet more interesting when compared with others offered by the financial market.; the government has created a variety of tools to support businesses so as to increase the scientific and technological development in the Country, and among them are the tax incentives.