Accessibility Promotion | Unisul - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

Accessibility Promotion

Find below the keyboard shortcuts to Unisul Portal menus.

Main Menu

  • Access to Teaching Area = Alt+Shift+E
  • Access to How to Enroll = Alt+Shift+I
  • Access to Research and Innovation = Alt+Shift+P
  • Access to Extension Area = Alt+Shift+X
  • Access to International = Alt+Shift+I
  • Access to Find out more about Unisul = Alt+Shift+C
  • Access to Virtual Unisul = Alt+Shift+U

Top Menu

  • Access to Library = Alt+Shift+B | on Chrome press: Alt+B
  • Access to My Services = Alt+Shift+S
  • Access to Stay Tuned = Alt+Shift+D
  • Access to Contact us = Alt+Shift+F

On the Portal accessibility

Portal is provided with a variety of alternatives for handicapped people to have easier Access toUnisul’s subjects.

Assistive Technologies, software apps are used to increase and/or keep the working capacity of handicapped people and also assist them with their needs.

Resources offerred for visual disabled people – blindness and shortsighted:

  • Customization Support for the user, sight attribute such as colour, contrast and font size;
  • Communicate all the information apart from color;
  • Provide documentation in an accessible format;
  • Use textual tags such as icons for non-textual contents;
  • Provide internet surfing for shortsighted people by using only the keyboard.

Accessibility Promotion Program

Unisul’s PPA seeks to provide teaching Access equal conditions directed to the extension research for students with sensorial, physical, learning difficulties and specific educational needs.

Learn more about the Accessibility Promotion Program (portuguese website)