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About Santa Catarina


Florianópolis and its 421.203 habitants is a unique place. It is very difficult to find out which beach is the most beautiful, the most romantic lagoon, the most attractive and so on. Floripa, as it is fondly called, will impress visitors in such a way that most of them will end up choosing the place as their paradise to live in. It is a modern city provided with excellent leisure, tourism, businesses and services infrastructure, as it is also a great opportunity for investors. It is both a big and modern city life with its districts and wonderful beaches and also a peaceful village of fishermen.

Florianópolis, located in Island of Santa Catarina State, was colonized by Azoreans, their houses and architecture portrait the colonial period as they are still preserved all around the Island. Their friendly people have a very peculiar accent and are best known as “Manézinhos da Ilha”. Florianópolis is nowadays one of the Catarinenses cities that mostly attracts immigrants and investors owing to its high development índex and quality of life. The economy especially consists of business retail and tourism. Florianópolis offers a variety of alternatives for leisure, ecotourism, historical and cultural tourism, events and sports.

Places to visit in Florianópolis

  • Ponte Hercílio Luz (Hercílio Luz Bridge);
  • Mercado Público (Public Market);
  • Palácio Cruz e Sousa (Cruz e Souza Palace);
  • Casa da Alfândega (Customs House);
  • Mirantes do Morro da Cruz e da Lagoa da Conceiçãoe fortalezas históricas, (Morro da Cruz, Conceição Lagoon, Historial Fortresses);
  • Comunidades açorianas do Ribeirão da Ilha e Santo Antônio de Lisboa, (Ribeirão da Ilha Azorean Communities and Santo Antônio de Lisboa);
  • Beaches Mole, Joaquina, Jurerê Internacional, Santinho e Brava.

Special Places to go to; Ecological trail towards Lagoinha do Leste, Moçambique and Naufragados. Schooner rides to Anhatomirim Island, departing from Beira-Mar Norte, Boat rides to Campeche, provided with nice Waters for diving and trails with primitive instructions.

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Tubarão, Ararangúa e Braço do Norte

Things to see and do: Folklore, foods, nature, historical places, spring waters.
Main events: RitornoAlleOrigini and Wine Festivals, taking place every other year in the city of Urussanga, during the grape harvest in February and March.
Economic Activities: Mining, tourism, ceramics and textiles industries.

To visit and learn more about it Typical Italian houses in Urussange and Nova Veneze. Italian Immigration Open-Air Museum and Zé Diabo sacred art walls in Orleans. Taste typical Italian foods in local restaurants. More places to visit Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza canyons at Parques Nacionais dos Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral, near the Rio Grande do Sul border, departing from Praia Grande.

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