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Unisul Partnership Programs

Inter-Institution Activities Programs

Institutional and International Relations Management (Gestão de Relações Institucionais e Internacionais (GRI&I) job consists of different Inter-Institutional rapport activities of academic background. They are as follows:

  • Exchange Student Program
    A Program between Unisul and both national and international partner institutions whose objective is internship during the semester or the academic year for academic subject co-validation.
  • Teaching Staff and Supporters Program
    It is aimed at urging and providing opportunities  for Unisul’s teachers as well as others from either national or international institutions enabled to work as teacher-visitor for undergraduation, graduation , sequential and short time courses, seminars, speeches, fairs and workshops and also provide graduation and benchmarking programs.
  • National and International Network Projects Program
    Aims at providing incentive towards the participation and spread of information on opportunities to participate and form research networks, Exchange student programs in connection with other institutions and applicants to be awarded with scholarships.
  • Academic and Policies Rapport Program
    Provides support to welcome managers coming to Unisul from other institutions and also organizes future visits of Unisul’s managers to both national and international institutions.