Unisul Virtual University Campus | Unisul - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

Unisul Virtual University Campus

Unisul Virtual is the campus in charge of Unisul’s projects and e-learning education programs

Based on the concept of virtual university, the pedagogical model adopted by UnisulVirtual guarantees the students with flexibility, allowing them to choose the time and the facilities to study, in addition to being permanently assisted by their teachers via the Internet. The only in-class required presence is during their tests.

UnisulVirtual University Campus is located in the city of Palhoça, Florianópolis, still, it has branches spread all over the country provided with in-class support.


In-Class support all over Brazil

Present in almost all states, the poles of classroom support offer our students classrooms for conducting the onsite tests. In every UnisulVirtual branch our students also find libraries, computer labs with unlimited internet access and trained professionals are available to help with administrative and pedagogical issues.

A map withall UnisulVirtual branches is available on our website for speakers of Portuguese.