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Unisul Foundation

Unisul Foundation contributes to the development of the South of Santa Catarina through education

Fundação Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (Unisul Foundation), established by the Municipal Government, aims to promote education, science, culture, social sustainable and community development, the creation, development and dissemination of technology, primarily in the region where it is located.

As the supporter of Unisul University, the Fundação Unisul provides the physical infrastructure, technological, socio-economic and environmentally sound management model based on continuing education, integrating the portfolio of products and services to meet market expectations, with productivity and effectiveness.

Ailton Nazareno Soares, presidente da Fundação UnisulAilton Nazareno Soares, president of Unisul Foundation

"Unisul reflects and is reflected in the communities´ ideals where it operates. The university seeks to accomplish not only these desires, but it goes beyond them through research, education and extension. Connected to the world, Unisul takes the best of the latest scientific discoveries, seeking to develop, enlarge and apply them in local and regional realities. Thus, either local or global, through the collaborative construction of knowledge, Unisul, a truly community university, consolidates networks, encourages dialogue with multiple knowledges, teaches, and especially learn from each program, project and service available in favor of a dignified life and with quality to the people it is committed."


Organizational Structure

The university is financially supported by FundaçãoUnisul and run by the Board of Trustees, a superior institution, consisting of representatives from institutions supporters of the University: The city,exectutive and legislative powers; also the civil society representatives, the University Council, the highest deliberative organ is in charge of evaluating decisions from the academic community Council.
Unisul’s organizational structure and in accordance with its Statute, consists of the following support organs: deliberative, executive and consulting.

Central Administration

  • Deliberative: University Council
  • Executive: Board of Directors

Campi Administration

  • Executive: Campus Directors
  • Support: Campus Management
  • Consulting: Campus Collegiate

Courses Administration

  • Deliberative: Course Assembly
  • Executive: Course Coordination
  • Consulting: Course Assembly Office
  • Courses Support: Coordination of Academic Articulation Unit (UnA)

Unisul on multiple networks of continuous learning

The acts of Unisul and the interaction among staff, faculty, students and communities in different social contexts affect not only the academic community, but the entire region where it is located, consolidating the education proposal beyond the walls of the University.

Confira uma amostra das ações, programas, projetos, serviços, além de demonstrativos legais e contábeis da Unisul no Balanço Social 2013.