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Tubarão University Campus

Tubarão University Campus is Unisul’s Head Office

Unisul Head Office, the Tubarão University Campus is 130 kilometers away from Florianópolis, a population of almost 100 thousand people, the “University City” or “the Blue City” is the city of Tubarão is better know, only a few minutes away from Serra do Rio do Rastro (Rio do Rastro Mountains), also close to Medicinal Waters Inns in addition to the most beautiful Beaches in our coast.

Tubarão University Campus consists of Colégio Dehon, the Branches of Braço do Norte – the national capital of photo frames, Araranguá, known as the “City of Avenues” ande Içara, where the highest waves are located for surf practicing.

Where it all started: Tubarão, the “Blue City”, is the birthplace of Unisul

The Tubarão University Head Office is located in the city of Tubarão, 130 away south of Florianópolis and a place of spring medicinal waters such as Estância Termal da Guarda and Estância Termal do Rio do Pouso.

Unisul Head Office, the main branch counts on a full structure consisting of computer labs, specific labs for practical classes and research on a variety of courses offered. It also offers a great library and convenience services available for all the students, supporters and the community as a whole.

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Avenida José Acácio Moreira, 787
Bairro Dehon – Caixa Postal 370
88704-900 – Tubarão – SC

The Town

Tubarão is a Brazilian city located in the south of Santa Catarina State, 133 kilometers away from the Capital Florianópolis. A population of approximately 100 thousand people (IBGE/2010 census).

The name of the city originated from Rio Tubarão (Tubarão River), which in tupi-guarani (Indian language) meant Tubá-Nharô or “ferocious father”. Tubarão’s economy is based on agriculture and it is also the second trade center in the State, especially in the area of ceramics.

It is provided with an excellent urban infrastructure with touristic potential found in medicinal waters used in comfortable hotel chains. Another important tourism spot is The Donna Theresa Cristina Railways offering passenger train trips in the old fashioned way by reproducing the route of the first immigrants.

Interstate Access to Tubarão is through the BR-101 highway, for those travelling either from south or North. Those from the western side of the State will access BR 116 highway towards the city of Lages, and continuing on BR 282 and SC 438.

Prefeitura Municipal de Tubarão (portuguese website)
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) (portuguese website)

Unisul is a pioneer in the business of superior teaching in Araranguá, the “City of Avenues”

Located in the uttermost south of Santa Catarina State, the Araranguá University Branch offers bother the pleasure of studying and a quality of life. Araranguá is better known as the “City of Avenues”. It provides lovely places and tourist spots, Morro dos Conventos Beach is among them.

Unisul started teaching activities in Araranguá back in 1992. It was a pioneer in the superior teaching business in the region. The Branch is provided with well-equipped computer labs, incubator, Law School Modern Office, auditorium, museums, free services for students, library, snack bar and easy access.


Rodovia Jorge Lacerda (SC 449), Km 35,4
Jardim das Avenidas, Araranguá
88906 072 – Araranguá – SC

The Town

The town history dates back in the XVIII century, when the first roads were open horsemen. The place which was known as a route towards other places only became a settle down spot with the first houses being built and a small local trade. Still, the region at that time, belonged to the city of Laguna and the first name give to the town was “Capão da Espera” and later on “Campinas”.

On april 3rd, 1880 the city of Araranguá was created, it brought elections for city councilors together with it and on July 1st 1881 councilors were elected and sworn in on February 28th 1883.

The most popular version of the city orgins name states the merging of two words “Ararã” (the great parrot/macaw and “gua” (valley/lowland), meaning “The Macaw Valley”.

The cultural data of the city is diversified, highlighting the descendants of Azorean Immigrants who came to the city in the XVIII century, and other european immigrants, especially Italians. It now has a population of 61.310 people (IBGE/2010 census).

Guia de Santa Catarina (portuguese website)
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (portuguese website)

Braço do Norte, the South American Photo Frames Capital, also counts on a Unisul Branch

The Braço do Norte University Brance makes parto f the Tubarão University Campus. Braço do Norte is considered to be the South American Photo Frames Capital, and also famous for the best pork meat in Santa Catarina State. It is Unisul closer to those who wish to take a superior course within the Mountain region of the State.

Get to know a little more about the Braço do Norte Branch and the course offered.


Rodovia SC 482, KM 05
Caixa Postal 102
88750-000 – Braço do Norte – SC

The Town

Colonized by Italian and German people, Braço do Norte is the South American Photo Frames Capital, also known for producing the best pork meat in the State. It is located in the south of Santa Catarina State, 173 kilometers away from the capital Florianópolis.

The city population consists of 29 thousand people according to IBGE 2010 census. The main economy activities are the agriculture, transformation industry and swine breeding.

Içara counts on superior teaching quality since 1999

A Unidade Universitária Içara foi implantada 1999, atendendo ao apelo da população local pela implantação de uma unidade de ensino superior.

The Branch counts on a computer lab, conference room, modern Law Office, free assistance services for the students, library, snack bar, easy access especially for teachers and supporters engaged with the teaching, research and extension qualities.


Rua Linha Três Ribeirões, S/N
Loteamento Centenário – Bairro Liri
88820-000 – Içara - SC

The Town

The city of Içara was created on December 20th, 1961, the city officially in activity was on the 30th of the same month. It belongs to an Association of Charcoal Counties called (AMREC)

It is located in the south of Santa Catarina State, near Interstate BR 101 – 200 kilometers away from the capital Florianópolis. The city is better known as the Honey Capital. The origins of its name comes from Içaroba, a species of palm tree.

Nowadays it has a population of 60 thousand people in accordance with (IBGE/2010 census). Economically strong in industries and highlighted for its geographic location, the economy of city is mostly based on agriculture, tobacco plantations are predominant in the region. It is also the greatest honey producer in Brazil. It exports honey byproducts to various European countries and the Latin America. Its main economic activities are: Apiculture, Clothing, Metal industry and Disposable products.

Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) (portuguese website)