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Grande Florianópolis University Campus

Pedra Branca Branch and Florianópolis Branch are Unisul branches in the capital of our State

Besides the four classrooms provided with auditoriums and special labs for practicing, Unisul’s Pedra Branca Branch also offers a broad academic shopping facility with restaurants, snack bars, specialized reproduction rooms, and a variety of services and conveniences.

The branch provided with an ample, diversified and updated library, still offers a natural practices Center, multimedia rooms, sports complex with swimming pools and a wide range of sporting courts.

The Grande Florianópolis University Campus also offers the Florianópolis Univerty Branch located at the center of the Island in two different addresses: Rua Dib Mussi and Rua Trajano. Both addresses are strategically located, near XV de Novembro Square, downtown, and also near the largest Urban Bus Station comprising the metropolitan region, Ticen.

A complete infrastructure amid the vast green area of the University Town

The Pedra Branca University Branch is located at Palhoça city, 15 kilometers away from Florianópolis. The Branch fully incorporates the Pedra Branca University Town – built and developed based on the concept of sustainable urbanism.

Joining Unisul at Pedra Branca is like being inserted within the interaction context with nature and appreciation of health and welfare. The students coming from other towns will easily find bus stations to take them to the University and will also find apartments to rent throughout the year, and also restaurants, supermarkets, pizza parlors, snack bars, bakeries and drugstores.


Av. Pedra Branca, 25
Cidade Universitária Pedra Branca
88137 270 - Palhoça - SC

The Town

The town of Palhoça, 15 kilometers away from the capital Florianópolis, is located between the coast and Serra do Mar. The town comprising of 395 thousand square kilometers and a population of 137.334 people (IBGE/2010 census), is among the cities that mostly grow in Brazil by considering the economic and social aspects, provided with a diversified economic activity.

For those who Love the sea, The Great Florianópolis Campos is close to many beaches like praia do Sonho (Dream Beach), Pinheira and Guarda do Embaú. Who is in search of leisure and sports provided by the nature, may visit Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro and Morro da Pedra Branca.

Prefeitura Municipal de Palhoça (portuguese website)
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) (portuguese website)

The branch is strategically located at downtown Florianópolis

The Florianópolis University Branch fully forms the Grande Florianópolis University Campus and is located at the city center of our State Capital on both streets Dib Mussi and Trajano. Both addresses are located near XV de Novembro Square, Public Market, Palácio Cruz e Souza, and the Florianópolis Courthouse only a few blocks away from the main Bus Station (Ticen), the largest Urban Bus Station in town, and also near the Interstate Bus Station Rita Maria.

Both addresses of the Branch count on modern classrooms, auditoriums, model offices, computer labs for personal use and those specific for the courses, also a library containing over 15 thousand books.


Unidade Florianópolis (Trajano)

Trajano, 219 - Centro
88010 010 - Florianópolis – SC


Unidade Florianópolis (Dib Mussi)

Antônio Dib Mussi, 366 – Centro
88015 110 - Florianópolis – SC

The Town

Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina State, is better known as the “Magical Island” located at the Santa Catarina State coast consisting of two parts, Island of Santa Catarina and the continental area.

The city at present days consists of both the island and the continental area, comprising 671,578 square kilometers, a population of 421.240 people - according to IBGE/2010 census.

Florianópolis economy is consisted of retail stores, civil services, transformation and tourism industry. Recently, clothing factories and computer services have also integrated the city development.

There are magnificent beaches making up the attractive tourist spots (42 beaches officially recorded) and the communities where the first Azorean Immigrants settled; such as Ribeirão da Ilha, Lagoa da Conceição, Santo Antonio de Lisboa, and the Florianópolis city historical center itself, there are also forts and museums. Since it offers so many beautiful places to visit, it is considered to be Mercosul’s Tourism Capital.

Prefeitura Municipal de Palhoça (portuguese website)
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) (portuguese website)