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Courses in English

for international students as well as undergraduation and graduation teachers

How to apply for the courses

To find out what documents are needed for registration and other information, please contact:

The registration can be made in person at the International Center, at the Florianópolis Campus: Trajano Street, 219 – Centro.

Unisul provides the students with courses taught in English, which are especially for international students as well as undergraduation and graduation teachers and the community as a whole.

The subjects make part of the Extension Course on Languages, Culture and the Brazilian Socioeconomic Context.

The course does not need to be fully completed. The students may take other subjects separately. The subjects are provided for all the students worldwide and are taught in the English language by skilled teachers.

The subject’s topics vary from the Brazilian present days and on to universal affairs. Explicit economic globalization scenarios are issues discussed; also sustainability in tourism scenarios; mankind and its biological, social and cultural dimension; multiculturalism and cultural identity; consume and the consumers.

Students, as prerequisite, must be fluent in English in order to take these courses (hearing, reading and writing).


The course introduces the main debates about the “new” global economy and their implications for practice and policy. Analysis of the globalization process, in order to understand there implications, in the multiple aspects of socio-economical and political contemporary life and there repercussions on the corporations and States.

The course introduces discussions about race and ethnicity; Brazilian culture: Indian peoples and culture diversity; Africans and the slavocratic system; the European colonization on the 19th century. Nationalism and cultural identity on the 1940`s. The multiculturalism and the social differences. Brazilian identity and regional culture.

Concepts of tourism and environment. Professionalization of the activity. The world ranking of touristic destinations. The new wave of “the green era”. Brazilian geographical regions. Natural touristic attractions throughout Brazil.
Types of natural landscape that permit touristic activities. The touristic areas of Santa Catarina State and the marketing of the government. Sustainability of the natural patrimony in the tourism activity. Brazilian practical cases. Perceptions and definitions of tourism in Florianopolis. The favelas and the market opportunities in Brazil.

Consumer and consumer behavior. Consumer behavior concepts. Consumer influences: cultural, individual and group. Psychological processes. Buying decision processes. Marketing strategies related. Brazilian practical cases.

The course provides a general idea of Anthropology with emphasis on the Cultural Anthropology and the analysis of the cultural concepts impact on human behavior. The focus will get closer to some South Brazilians’ human aspects.

The course will introduce students to a number of trends, theories, concepts and strategies that will help them better understand and advance through their own process of intercultural development during their time abroad.

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of marketing theories and concepts, and to enable them to understand how these tools are used by firms from a variety of industries. Furthermore, the course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the role of marketing in society, key marketing techniques, and the relationship between marketing concepts and the world of business through the use of cases studies. Particular attention will be given to the decision making process in the areas of foreign market analysis, target identification, product planning, promotion and channels of distribution.

The Students will be introduced to aspects of marketing, such as: Marketing Strategy, Promotion, Market Planning, Distribution, International Marketing, Market Segmentation, Services Marketing and Pricing.

The profile of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship concepts, the entrepreneurial vision and the entrepreneur attitudes. Principles of Marketing, Marketing Mix, Market research methods, Market Segmentation, Marketing Positioning and Target market. Developing a new company, the reality of startups in Brazil, the characteristics of a startup and a B.P model for Startups.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of management theory and practice, acquainting students with the discipline of management and its evolution, schools, and theories. The content of the course covers strategic planning and decision-making, organizing and managing human resources, communicating, motivating and leading, management control and operations management. The course integrates classical and modern managerial concepts with an array of real-world cases studies.

International Business; Top trends for the Brazilian Market; The Brazilian Economic Growth; Mega sporting events in Brazil; Market concepts; Challenges and opportunities of marketing in the new economy; Competitive Strategies; Technologies and Innovation; Green Economy and Sustainability; The Brazilian Middle Class; The Building construction growing in Brazil; The Brazilian Ports and Logistics.

Place of Operation

Campus Florianópolis 

Rua Trajano, 219 – Centro
88010 010 – Florianópolis – SC